Elevate Your Consciousness

Learn how to tap into altered states of consciousness, discover the intersection of science and spirituality, heal yourself through sacred psychedelic practices, and explore deeper mysteries of reality.

Our Mission

We help you create that life of limitless possibilities that you deserve.

Scivana is a consciousness research and educational company founded by humanists who believe we were taught to believe that we are less than we could be. Our spiritual evolution as a species has stagnated and we have become estranged from our world. At Scivana we’re seeking to expand the global consciousness by providing educational resources. Through heuristic methods, we promote an awakened community that creates measurable change in people’s lives. By exploring deeper mysteries of reality, sacred practices, psychedelics, and the science of altered states of consciousness, we are helping to move the world forward. By combining expert voices with people’s life experiences, we teach people to evolve their consciousness and see their lives change through the practice of intentionality.

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Past Events

Launch event

This event marks the launch of Scivana, but it also propels forward multiple levels of profound enlightenment and our broader vision of spiritually enhanced consciousness.

Aaron Abke

A masterclass on the Law Of One and spiritual polarity.

Florentin Ionita

Learn the dynamics of astral projection and overcoming blocks.

Josiah Hultgren

Learn how to apply neuroscience to hack the reality of your everyday life.

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MAP event

The M.A.P. (Mental Audit Practice) System is a powerful way to connect with the subconscious mind and follow your deepest thoughts back to their source while understanding the subconscious beliefs guiding your current behaviors.

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

M.A.P. is a form of behavioral-cognitive therapy that combines self-induced hypnosis, breath-work, and meditation designed to tap into the subconscious layer of your mind where you have the power to unlock conflicting thoughts anchoring you to your current reality.

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What people are saying about us...

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Knowledge Creates Change

Science + Learning

Consciousness-Based education that clearly highlights the science behind the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Sacred practices & psychedelics

How healing plant medicines and psychedelics are used to open a deeper connection to self and the Universe.

Consciousness on every scale

We are limited only by the direction of our thoughts. With our growing community, we will show you how many ways evolving your brain can happen.

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You Are Never Alone

Connect + Build

A Community that stands together, evolves together. You are never alone if you have the courage to reach out, you will find a loving human ready to reach back.

Who's here to help

Our community is filled with loving healers, biohackers, scientists, astral travelers, lucid dreamers, spiritual leaders, and incredible humans that have learned the powder of mind + intention and have created powerful changes in their world. All here and ready to share with you.

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Awareness and Awakening

Evolution + Growth

Growth is not just a mindset, it is a habit. To truly see yourself as you are, you need to first let go of all things you think you know.

Step By Step

As you engage in deep learning and embrace connection with yourself, the evolutionary growth in your life will become automatic.

To be awake means to help every human find their way out of the rabbit hole, but first start with your SELF.

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