The next time you feel overwhelmed, stressed and completely out of alignment remember to SING:

  • S-mile
  • I-nhale
  • N-od
  • G-round


When you smile, you remind the mind and body that you are in a happy state. The mind can't process 2 contradictory emotions at the same time. So, by smiling while feeling upset or out of balance you reset your brain to release tiny molecules called neuropeptides which help fight off stress.

You also call in other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to come help rebalance your body from the fight or flight “sympathetic” state, to the rest and digest “parasympathetic” state.

No matter what state you're in, smiling can help, because endorphins will act as a mild pain reliever, while serotonin is an antidepressant.


“Only those who know how to breathe will survive”. ~ Pundit Acharya

Your breath is key to unlocking peace of mind and a balanced relaxed nervous system.

With slow, intentional inhales and exhales, you allow the focus to be on the physical body, most especially the cardiorespiratory and autonomic nervous systems; with particular focus on diaphragm and heart rate variability balance.

Simply put, by starting with a deep slow inhale, you allow your mental focus to be directed to one thing- your breath!


Did you know that this simple movement can influence the body into agreement with your physical state?

Nodding may be thought of as something that communicates agreement to others. However, it also communicates to ourselves that we agree with our thoughts and actions. Nodding as well as other body movements, serve as a kind of "self-validation" that confirms to us how we feel about our own thoughts.

So by nodding your head along with the previous actions, we further confirm to the body and mind that it's time to change our mental state from stress and overwhelmed, to happy and productive.

Much research has shown support for this finding. Like the Ohio State University study on the influence of nodding and shaking your head on our own thoughts.


It was Yogi Tea that said “Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.”

To ground is to empty all the anxiety, fear, heavy negative energy into the earth and allow the calm, smoothing knowing of patumama (Earth mother) to refill your body with pure love.

You see, Nature doesn't struggle for anything, and if we can look to her for food for our physical body, why not look to her for food for our souls.

Many have developed their own way of grounding themselves.

Here’s a simple example you can use to get started:

  1. Go out in nature (bare foot is beautiful), but for those who can’t, have a plant nearby.
  2. Find a comfortable spot where you can just be (You can sit or lay down).
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the deep roots of Earth Mother, rising up and lovingly embracing you. Reminding you that you are whole, loved and capable of returning your body and mind to complete balance. 
  4. Stay in this state for as long as it calls to you, drift deeper in the sense of peace and eternal love.
  5. Say out loud if you can “I am balanced, mentally clear and completely at peace within my physical body.”

When you feel like getting up, stand in your power knowing that you have created transformation within your life just by taking time for you.

And that’s how I S.I.N.G. to remain happy within my day to day life. Try it and tell me how this practice helped you turn your stressful days into winning moments of self confidence and power.

As always, I love & value you, so do the same for yourself and others.

Thank you for joining me on this Expansion journey. I am your Expansion Teacher, Earla Tiffany, and I implore you to remember that you are your greatest teacher. I'm just here with content to inspire you to explore all your deepest truths.