Past Events

Launch event

This event marks the launch of Scivana, but it also propels forward multiple levels of profound enlightenment and our broader vision of spiritually enhanced consciousness.

Aaron Abke

A masterclass on the Law Of One and spiritual polarity.

Florentin Ionita

Learn the dynamics of astral projection and overcoming blocks.

Josiah Hultgren

Learn how to apply neuroscience to hack the reality of your everyday life.

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MAP event

The M.A.P. (Mental Audit Practice) System is a powerful way to connect with the subconscious mind and follow your deepest thoughts back to their source while understanding the subconscious beliefs guiding your current behaviors.

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

M.A.P. is a form of behavioral-cognitive therapy that combines self-induced hypnosis, breath-work, and meditation designed to tap into the subconscious layer of your mind where you have the power to unlock conflicting thoughts anchoring you to your current reality.

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