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Florentin Ionita

Florentin explains the dynamics of astral projection at the Scivana Launch Event.

Checkout Florentin's amazing astral projection course as he guides and coaches you on how to get out of your body and experience the wonders of the astral realm.

We've tried his course, which is why I absolutely wanted him at this event. His methods have produced the most consistently stable and reproducible Out of Body Experiences (OBE) that we've ever tried...and we're no strangers to astral travel.

Elastic Perception Course

Aaron Abke

Aaron goes in depth on the Law Of One and spiritual polarity at the Scivana Launch Event.

Checkout more of Aaron's life changing workshops and YouTube channel for more incredible educational content.

Aaron covers the gamut of spiritual and emotional growth guided by rationality based philosophical wisdom. Not only does he cover the Law of One and spiritual polarity in greater detail than 1 hour allows, his workshops also include gems on personal freedom, emotional guidance systems, understanding the ego, and even a course on miracles.

Workshops YouTube

Craig Goldberg

Craig dives into mindfulness, resonance, and harmonics at the Scivana Launch Event.

Craig's knowledge of vibration, frequency, and how they can be used to enhance human consciousness has manifested into some amazing pieces of technology.

I've personally been on his Sound Lounge and experienced the restorative vibrations it gives off. I expect even more amazing effects from his inHarmony meditation cushion and hope that you will support his IndieGoGo campaign...the science is sound AF! And if that wasn't enough, Craig is also knee deep in personalized genetics based nutrition with Üforia Science.

inHarmony Sound Lounge Üforia Ütrition

Nahum Vizakis

Nahum digs deep on astrology and how it helps you chart your course at the Scivana Launch Event.

Nahum is an absolute wizard at reading people's astrological signs and helping them chart their course.

His readings have personally helped me navigate my path, including the timing of this very launch event! Book a reading with him to see how he can help you figure out your path this year!

30 Minute Reading 60 Minute Reading 90 Minute Reading

Josiah Hultgren

Josiah explains how to apply neuroscience to hack the reality of your everyday life at the Scivana Launch Event.

Shift your consciousness at will, enhance your brain structure, learn exponentially faster, and hack your inner reality to achieve the seemingly "impossible".

It is possible to achieve a zen like state without spending your life as a monk, upgrading your memory without the intense training of a memory champion, or super charge your productivity like top business executives. The shortcuts are available...they're just waiting for someone to compile them into a digestible format, and Josiah has done exactly that in his NeuroAccelerated Learning course.

NeuroAccelerated Learning

Michael Cassidy

Michael delves into the healing power of Iboga and gets into an intense Q&A session at the Scivana Launch Event.

Iboga is a powerful teacher but you should never engage in it without the kind of responsible care that healers such as Michael provide within the Bwiti tribe.

In a candlelit room in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, led by powerful healers, you’ll soften into storytelling, lose yourself to the rhythm of the Bwiti music and be guided by the Spirit of Iboga to heal from deep wounds, connect with your true Self, and discover your spiritual path to create a life you’ve always dreamt of.

It's also very important to seek quality aftercare when you've finished ceremony, as you'll hear co-host Justin Hoffman explain in his conversation with Michael.

Bwiti Life Retreat Klarity Life Aftercare

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

Earla Tiffany leads attendees in a guided closing group meditation at the end of the Scivana Launch Event.

Earla is an experienced life coach and long time meditator. Connect with your inner self and find internal peace with this guided meditation.

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