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Let’s bring clarity to your life by mapping and rewiring the thoughts that don't serve you!

What is the M.A.P. System?

Mental. Audit. Practice.

“The M.A.P. System is a powerful way to connect with the subconscious mind and follow your deepest thoughts back to their source while understanding the subconscious beliefs guiding your current behaviors.”

Earla Tiffany Isaacs
  • Clearing the mental space for growth is your opportunity (and your responsibility!)
  • This technique is a part of Earla’s privately offered Root-Cause course, soon to be unveiled to the public. This specialized mental evaluation technique is being offered to you for free as her gift to you on her birthday.
  • She is so very excited to bring The M.A.P. System to you!
  • M.A.P. is a form of behavioral-cognitive therapy that combines self-induced hypnosis, breath-work, and meditation designed to tap into the subconscious layer of your mind where you have the power to unlock conflicting thoughts anchoring you to your current reality.
  • This is one of her favorite techniques that she enjoys teaching clients. It's so simple to do yourself once you learn the technique and the results are life changing!

November 09, 2020 @ 3 PM PST

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What is the M.A.P. System Challenge?

The MAP Challenge is a Free 14 day experience that helps you evaluate exactly what harmful thoughts are running your automatic programming.

The Problem

You can see and feel that there is a block within your life. It is thoughts that keep repeating themselves within your habits, relationships and impede your self-growth.

The Solution

In just 60 minutes, I will show you how to uncover those hidden thoughts that are conflicting with what you deeply desire for yourself. Thus allowing you to remodel your present reality into one that serves you.

Woman meditating on a stone in a lake

How does it work?

  • Launching point
    This is a FREE 14 days challenge, starting from Nov 9th. You sign up and participate in the masterclass to begin the challenge! This is where I share the full M.A.P. system via an exclusive and intimate group zoom call where I will also answer any of your questions.
  • Support and love on your journey
    The M.A.P. System continues within the private Scivana Facebook Group . There I will continue to answer questions and hold space as you process your journey of self-discovery.
  • Tools to make your 14 days a success
    Participants are sent the PDF of your 14 day M.A.P. follow through guide. This is where you will journal your thoughts, process and realizations during your 14 day challenge.
Mental Clarity & Self Awareness

How can this challenge help me?

This is not your typical challenge! This is a deep dive into evaluating your subconscious thoughts and hidden beliefs.

  • Root-cause unlocking
    We live, to some extent, unaware of who we are, but most importantly who we can be. M.A.P. System will highlight the underlying thoughts that don't currently serve you overall goals.
  • Mental clarity and self-awareness
    Achieve complete mental freedom through tapping into the alpha brainwave state. This technique trains the mind for 14 days in the art of direct, focused thought.
  • Armed with self-healing tools
    With these cognitive-behavioral therapy tools that are combined in this specialized M.A.P. System technique, you are freed to reach a deeper understanding of why you think the way you do.
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Your thoughts and its effects on your present reality

A new state of being creates a new personality... and that is achieved through new thoughts. Your current reality is guided by the presentation you have of yourself, not the conscious beliefs but the subconscious beliefs. This means, everyday a great percentage of the 6 million plus of the thoughts that you have are not directly aligned with what you want and who you want to be. When you know what thoughts are keeping you in an old state of being, they can be altered neurologically, biologically, chemically, & genetically you can rewire to a new thought pattern and let go of the past.

Each thought sends out an electromagnetic signature. When you can Map what’s hiding within the subconscious mind, you will think & feel differently about what is possible in your life.

What Happens on the Challenge day?

  • Find a comfortable and private space in your home.
  • Have your PDF document printed out and ready!
  • The masterclass will last for 60 minutes.
  • Try to join at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Come just as you are with love and an open mind.
  • Use your Zoom link to join the private call.

Meet Earla Tiffany Isaacs, Creator of The M.A.P. System & Founder of Scivana

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

I help people tap into profound layers of their physiological and metaphysical expanse, through analytic and holistic coaching methods combined with the powerful therapeutic benefits of hypnosis, to help growth-focused individuals release old belief and step into a purpose filled life of freedom.

A little about my story...

Through my own healing journey, I realized my life’s mission was to support growth-focused people like you in uncovering the hidden subconscious beliefs preventing you from truly living your greatest life. My healing has created profound awareness within me. When I tapped into the root-cause of my deepest beliefs, I found complete freedom to let go of childhood trauma and step into total self-love.

Mental freedom is life. Therefore, I immersed myself in books, sat in healing circles, connected with plant medicines, and teachers to accomplish exultant brainwave states. Healing my space has allowed me to learn key techniques to help others to free their mind from limiting beliefs, hidden deep within the subconscious psyche; uncovering the root-cause and rewire to a new, fulfilling life. I have worked with professional athletes, fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and healers and teachers in the spiritual community. I helped them and I’m excited to help you too!

The time is now to map your thoughts and get off this cycle of conflicting beliefs. That is why I am offering you a chance to learn one of my specially designed techniques that I use with my clients.

I wanted to do this offer on my birthday because I felt the need to give back. So if you feel called to this challenge sign up now!

Join me and the Scivana community for this exclusive opportunity that will evolve the way you track your thoughts, known as the M.A.P. System.

Kind words from clients

Earla provides a space that feels safe and inviting. She uses gentle, loving guidance along with a sharp intuition to help allow memories and insights to surface from the subconscious. My session with her was not only profoundly impactful to me in the moment, but opened a door in me for clarity to continue to flow in the following days. I would recommend Earla’s services to anyone that is truly looking to find inner peace for their heart and healing for their past.

Aaron Abke
Aaron Abke
Spiritual teacher

Thank you for helping our family to heal! Earla did some magnificent work with close family members of mine and from the inception we noticed immediate positive changes. As time goes by, the positive results become more noticeable. Earla created a safe space for them to speak their truth so that they could overcome some hidden underlying issues. I didn't think they would overcome it, but they did... and they love working with her!

Deanne Richardson
Deanne Richardson
Founder of Zoetic Wellness

Working with Earla has launched a new level of accessing deeper healing. She creates a safe and inviting space, is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, calming, and allows you to feel comfortable exploring this realm to heal. I was completely relaxed working with her, in fact, by the end I actually fell asleep! Her guidance allowed me to feel safe to work with my SELF.

Candace Casady
Candace Casady
Women’s Trauma Healing Coach and founder of Sovereign Liberation


  • Will there be a question and answer session?
    Yes, It will be after I explain and walk you through the full M.A.P. System. Questions that I didn't have time to answer will be answered from our Scivana FB group.
  • How long will the Zoom call be?
    It’s a 60 minute zoom call.
  • If I miss the Zoom call, will I still get the information?
    Yes, everyone that signs up for the M.A.P. System challenge will be sent the recording of the Zoom call the next day.
  • How can I work with Earla privately?
    Send me an email to inquire about private coaching. I will then send you more information on how we could work together.
  • Can I continue with the M.A.P. System technique after the 14 day challenge is over?
    Absolutely! This is a wonderful practice that will give you more mental clarity and a better understanding of yourself. This is my gift to you so please use it as much as you can.
  • How many times should I do this practice after the challenge is over?
    You know yourself better than I do. Personally I try to get in a 3 day session of the M.A.P. technique once a month. Try doing it with varying frequency and see what works best for you.