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Earla Tiffany Isaacs

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

— Founder and creative mind behind Scivana

Hi beautiful soul! I'm Earla Tiffany Isaacs, thank you for visiting Scivana and your interest in knowing more about me. My mission for Scivana is to help evolve global consciousness through sharing expert knowledge on all topics that could contribute to your mental, physical and spiritual growth. It is also to share love though creative artistic expression, thought provoking content and widespread community support.

In my career I work privately (1-on-1) with entrepreneurs, corporate and spiritual leaders to help them tap into profound layers of their psychological metaphysical awareness, successfully unlocking the root-cause behind self sabotaging and rewiring a new belief and understanding of self.

We are all here to expand our awareness- so let's do it right, and let's make it an expression of love for yourself and the world.

Life Lotus

My Healing Journey

I realized my life’s mission was to support growth-focused people like you in uncovering the hidden subconscious beliefs preventing you from truly living your greatest life. My healing has created profound awareness within me. When I tapped into the root-cause of my inner deepest beliefs I found complete freedom to let go of childhood trauma and step into total self-love.

In 2014 my awakening came and it shook my entire reality, while living in Trinidad and Tobago, I was painfully unhappy with my life. I was completely alone in a foreign land, in a dysfunctional relationship and under spiritual attack by someone I thought cared for me. Betrayed, energetically weak and spiritually deprived. I craved a life that truly fulfilled my soul. Many thought my life was a dream come true and why wouldn't they? I was the prized girlfriend, accomplished songwriter, VIP at parties and events. I had attention and all the material things available that should have made me happy.

That was the darkest time in my life, because truthfully I felt totally alone.


Finally my spirit had enough and like a solar eclipse my life went dark, I hit my lowest point. That darkness freed me though to be able to step into a new identity that wanted to live. I needed to find the “Real Me”. Therefore I immersed myself in books, sat in healing circles, connected with plant medicines, and teachers to accomplish exultant brainwave states. Healing my space has allowed me to learn key techniques to help others to free their mind from limiting beliefs, hidden deep within the subconscious psyche; uncovering the root-cause and rewire to a new, fulfilling life.

Everyday breathes freedom, because my mystical journey brought me here, with you. As you read my story, I hope it helps you on your path to self healing and becoming more awesome of how extraordinary you are.

Love & Light
Earla Tiffany Isaacs